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Building Superintendent

Position Description



Oversees all cleaning and mechanical areas of the club facility and the grounds to keep the club functioning at top efficiency. Assists or directs activities of employees and/or contract workers to any and all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, cleaning, or building issues.  


  • High school diploma.
  • 2 Years’ experience working on a cleaning, construction or maintenance crew.
  • Must have strong problem-solving skills.
  • Has the ability to perform basic repairs in electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems.
  • Must have good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Must have superior customer service skills.
  • Has good listening and negotiating skills.
  • Must be detail oriented and have good scheduling skills.
  • Must be proficient at safely using tools associated with the job.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.



  • Hires, trains, and supervises repair/ maintenance personnel/ pool technicians/ housekeeping/ gate attendants
  • Schedules hours of work for department staff
  • Coordinates with purchasing department to procure parts and items needed for maintenance, completion of work orders and general department supplies
  • Prepares and monitors budgets, quotes and payroll 
  • Oversees daily water checks on swimming pools water and filtration systems
  • Controls key systems and front gate
  • Works with planners and coordinates remodeling
  • Assists in checking fire protection system for proper operation and training personal in their use
  • Performs monthly Safety Checks/ weekly standard of care inspections
  • Maintains data log books for a/c equipment and kitchen equipment/ and audit binders


  • Must be able to lift heavy items.
  • Must have basic first aid skills.
  • Must be able to maneuver in small spaces.
  • Must be able to kneel and crouch or climb tall ladders.
  • Has knowledge of building codes and safety standards as set forth by the state and federal governments.
  • Ability to lift 20-50 pounds
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time
  • Multi task in different areas


 Business casual environment, work with others in a club house atmosphere. Work is performed inside and outside, where the employee could be exposed to noise, dirt, and machinery with moving parts, irritating chemicals and inclement weather. The work may requires the use of protective devices such as masks, goggles, and gloves.

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